SYMPHONY IN NATUREは、現代の視点から、自然の空間の中でいかに興味深い音楽を生み出せるかを考察し、実践するプロジェクトです。



このプロジェクトはゼンハイザーの推し進める3Dオーディオテクノロジー AMBEO との連携によって実現しており、自然の音や生楽器の録音にはAMBEO VR MICを使用しています。

幕張メッセでの国際放送機器展 "InterBEE" にて、9.1chの立体音響システムで初めて上映されました。上の映像は、ACOUSTIC FIELD INC. のHPL技術により、立体音響をヘッドホンで再現したものです。

Traditional Japanese music such as Gagaku has been based on the sensibility for beauty in the mixture of experience.

In addition to the sound of the instrument, the natural sound that is occurring at that time and the scene of the place are also the part of the music experience. This preference is in contrast to the European musical traditions where music is played mainly in the halls and salons.

"SYMPHONY IN NATURE" is a project that aims to create interesting music in a natural space, being based on this context, but from a contemporary view.

This project is a collaboration between MAGNETICA studio and Sennheiser. AMBEO VR Mic is used to record the forest soundscape and the acoustic instruments.

Music:  Satoshi Suzuki, Natsuki Nakajima

Director of photography:  Kenji Agata

Assistant camera:  Eiko Kuramochi

Video edit:  Natsuki Nakajima

Sound advisor:  Jiro Kubo (ACOUSTIC FIELD INC.) 

Technical support:  Yuichi Yogo

Special Thanks:  Katsuhiko Nakajima,  SENJU LAB

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